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About Us

Welcome to our Online Temporary Drive Service, a secure and user-friendly platform designed for those who need to share files quickly and efficiently without the long-term commitment of traditional cloud storage solutions. Our mission is to provide a seamless file-sharing experience that prioritizes privacy, security, and simplicity.

Our Vision

In a world where digital collaboration is paramount, we strive to offer a solution that meets the needs of users looking for temporary file storage and sharing capabilities. Whether you're a freelancer, a professional working on a project basis, or someone who just needs to share a file with a friend, our service is tailored to ensure your files are accessible when you need them and gone when you don't.

Our Features

  • One-Time Download Links: Generate links that expire after the first download, ensuring your files are only accessed once by the intended recipient.
  • Easy File Sharing: Share files with friends or colleagues through a simple link, without the need for them to sign up or log in.
  • Secure Storage: We employ state-of-the-art encryption to keep your files secure until they're downloaded or expire.
  • No Long-Term Storage: Avoid clutter and unnecessary storage costs with our temporary storage solution. Files are automatically deleted from our servers after dowload or 7 days.


How does the service work?

  1. Upload your file: Simply select and upload your file to our platform.
  2. Share the link: Once uploaded, you'll receive a unique, one-time download link.
  3. Link expiration: After the file is downloaded once or after 7 days, the link will expire, and the file will be deleted from our servers.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We use advanced encryption methods to ensure your files are securely stored and transmitted. Additionally, the temporary nature of our storage means your files aren't kept for longer than necessary, further enhancing privacy.

What happens if the download link is not used?

If a download link expires without being used, the file is automatically deleted from our servers. This process is part of our commitment to security and privacy, ensuring unused files don't linger indefinitely.

These measures can help ensure your one-time download links remain effective and are only used as intended.

Our Blog

We use an agile approach to test assumptions and connect with the needs of your audience early and often.

Article 2024/04/16

How To Transferring Large Files via Email

Transferring large files via email usually runs into an attachment size limit set by the email service provider. To get around this limit, you can take the help of temporary file sharing services like tempdrive.zip. These services allow you to upload files to the cloud and generate a temporary link that you can share via email to those who need it.

Article 2024/04/10

The Evolution of Cloud Storage

Creating a comprehensive history of cloud storage within the length constraint of 2000 words presents an intricate challenge, given the richness and complexity of its evolution. Nevertheless, this piece aims to provide a concise yet detailed overview, tracing the pioneering phases, significant advancements, industry impacts, and a gaze into its potential future directions.